Supporting New Human Trials for a Cure

The Squash Diabetes! campaign supports what many consider to be the most promising near-term cure strategy for diabetes – creating and implanting a living cell bio-artificial pancreas in diabetics (see graphic), without the use of harmful immunosuppression drugs. This development is based on NASA-derived technology discovered and advanced by physicist-astronaut Dr. Taylor Wang at the Vanderbilt University Center for Microgravity Research. Dr. Wang's encapsulife technology has reversed diabetes in dogs and, more recently, in non-human primate trials in collaboration with Dr. James Markmann, Chief of Transplant Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. The technology is ready for human trials.
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The Squash Diabetes! Campaign

The Squash Diabetes! campaign was launched by the Georgetown University Women's Squash Team, where a team member successfully competes in the vigorous game of squash despite the health challenges of Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes. Proceeds raised from Squash Diabetes! support the human trials team led by Dr. Wang.

To help, please make a tax deductible donation online via credit card or PayPal – click on the Donate Now button below. Donations in any amount will help. Or you can donate via check payable to New Generation Foundation – mail it to New Generation Foundation, Box 50, 1700 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20006. Just as important, spread the word about this campaign. Click below to send a message of support to 2, 20 or 200 friends and family.